Offered Listings

- Events / Administration

Doorman Private party and house party doorman. You may prefer to be the life and soul of the party/ dancing queen, socializing relaxed that your door is being well looked after. Value of service can be variable. Unsociable hours and complex arrangements commanding higher value. (5-11 ideals)
Events Administrative support and advice to help promote your event. (hourly, 5 ideals)
EVENTS: Help with events Extra pair of hands on the day of an event or could bake a cake (dairy free or vegan), (5 per hour ideals)
Help on stalls. I can help on stalls at festivals / events. (hourly rate 5 ideals)


Holiday cottage in the heart of rural France I have a holiday cottage in the heart of rural France which is currently being renovated. It is in a pretty and quiet countryside hamlet setting with barn and small garden, no traffic. Local activities: walking, cycling, horse-riding, water sports, fishing – with the specialist CPA childrens'/youth centre offering multi-sports/arts/ecology activities just 4 miles away during the school holidays. The historic towns of Bellac, Le Dorat, Magnac Laval and Montmorillon (city of writing) are all close by. When finished there will be four bedrooms (one is downstairs). The accommodation is very flexible with different sleeping arrangements possible so if you want to holiday 2 families together, or holiday with grandparents. Cheap flights available from Bristol to Limoges (1 hour) plus @35 mins drive. Alternatively it's a 7 hour drive from Calais (there are great deals available for vehicles travelling via Euro Tunnel - passengers go free). Will hire out for ideals (+ cleaners fee). A great opportunity for a cheap holiday! (negotiable - in ideals)

Arts & Crafts

Appliqué lesson Learn hand/or machine appliqué.
ART ADVICE/TUTORING I have a Fine Art Degree in painting, so any advice re: creating artworks, colour combining, compostion etc. Whatever your level & no matter how small or modest the project, I am happy to give impartial advice. (5 ideals)
Artist Commission a portrait of your pet, or house etc pastel on paper, watercolour, pencil 5 ideals per hour. I am a professional artist with a fine art degree specialising in printmaking. Many years experience in drawing, painting, modelmaking etc.
Card making Card design/making.
Drama coaching Directing for plays/auditions For group work, more Ideals. Open to negotiations. (5 ideals)
Knitting and Spinning Offering to teach you to Knit or Machine knit or spin. Plenty of interesting yarn for knitting crochet or textile projects to exchange. Standard gauge or Chunky machine to hire Wool and Alpaca to spin. All for ideals.
Learn to knit 1-1 knitting lesson. (5 ideals ideals)
Leather Work Can make and design if neccessary, belts, bracelets, collars, satnav cases, watch straps, adjustable wrist supports, book reading pillows and much more. Quality Veg-Tanned leather, hand-sewn and light machine work. (£5/£10 p/hr plus 5 ideals)
Quilting lesson Learn to make a quilt.
Sewing Most sewing jobs. Alterations, hems repairs, darning, rips, zips, replacements, etc. (6 ideals)
Sewing Bee North Bristol Community Project delivers a drop in Sewing Bee for all ages and abilities. Come and learn to use a sewing machine or hand stitch to create your own wardrobe, embellish, repair or alter clothing. We meet on Mondays from 10.30 - 12.30 Starting September we shall move to Thursdays at the same time. Come and meet others in your neighbourhhood.
story telling stories, cabaret, strange encounters!

Buildings & DIY

advice/tips on straw bale building I have built a small straw bale round house and am happy to share my learning experience as well as ideas on where to source local materials. (5 per hour ideals)
Angle Grinder Loan of 115mm Angle grinder (5 ideals)
Erecting Shelves I can put up shelves with brackets or wooden batons in alcoves or hanging shelves and small furniture on the wall. Charge – 5 Ideals or equivalent to your highest rate. (5 ideals (see below) ideals)
Fill in draughty floorboards I found it can really help cut down draughts using Draughtex between exposed floorboards. If you are unable to kneel on the floor to do it yourself and would like my help, 5 ideals per hour. You will need to purchase the roll online first from their website.
Handyman Will undertake many small diy jobs around the house from fixing plumbing repairing fixtures and fittings. (Petrol £ + 5 ideals)
Help with DIY jobs
Loan of DIY, Decorating tools I can loan various power tools ie drill; angle grinder; wallpaper stripper. Ladder in 3 parts that fit together.3 (3 Iderals/day ideals)
Minor DIY Small jobs, advice, assembly of flat pack furniture etc. (Hourly 5 ideals)
Plumbing Pipework, dripping taps, waste pipework, washing machines, dishwashers, outside taps, basins, sinks, valves, blockages.... ( per hr £10 plus 10 ideals)
Plumbing and heating Powerflushing, radiators, heating problems, new boiler installs, servicing existing boilers, fires, cookers or water heaters, Gas Safe registered, fully qualified. (per hr £20 plus 10 ideals)
Sketchup models If you are trying to think through a redesign or remodling of you home a 3D computer model can let you move things round virtually first. Sketchup is a free programme that allows you to build models of most things - especially good for buildings and other geometric forms. I can build you a model, and show you how to use it. (5 or your highest rate ideals)
Upholstery For repairing or just updating your current pieces of furniture - armchairs, sofas etc. Will discuss requirements, do colour matching and work-in panels, make good wears and tears so looks like new again. Materials sourced locally and at cost price. (£10p/h +5 ideals)
wall paper stripper for loan Steam wallpaper stripper for use in home. new, works well (5 ideals)

Children & Childcare

"Rent-a-gran" Babysitting; Taking to or from school,; Assisting with parties, etc.
Baby sitting mum with 2 daughters aged 14 and 16 happy to do occasional baby-sitting (petrol + hourly, 5 ideals)
BABY SITTING/CHILDMINDING I am a qualified Teachers Assistant Level 3 & have an active CRB check. My own daughter is a happy adult now. I am willing to sleep on your sofa, if you want a late night out. (5 ideals)
Babysitting Responsible woman available for babysitting 5 ideals per hour plus lift there and back as I have no transport
Babysitting I am an experienced babysitter and have looked after children of all ages. I would be willing to come and meet you first at no charge. (hourly rate 5 ideals)
Babysitting (hourly 5 ideals)
ideas for home education I home educated my 3 children up to the age of 10 and am happy to share my experience and perhaps give you ideas/confidence. (5 per hour ideals)
Occasional Babysitting Happy to do occasional babysitting. Qualified teacher, I am a mum with grown up children. Friendly and reliable. (hourly rate 5 ideals)
Stories Reading, telling, creating stories with children (5 per hour ideals)


AutoCAD AutoCAD drawings for planning applications etc, also teaching basic autocad. (5 ideals)
Computer first aid 30 years experience. Computer/Laptop repairs. Windows Mac and Linux Experience. Speeding up slow computers, fitting hardware, advising on upgrades, upgrading memory, changing hard-drives. Advice on software, office, design, graphics, creating websites etc. Advising on free alternatives to paid for software. (5 ideals)
Technical Computer Help Technical help with computers, can get rid of viruses, trojans, etc. Can also assist with computer crashes and give assistance with upgrading, routers, wi-fi and networks. (10 Ideals ph ideals)

Counselling & Therapy

Alexander Technique Lessons in this amazing tool for self-help for individuals or small groups. Benefits include reduction of muscular aches such as stiff neck, rounded shoulders and back ache, easier movements, more flexibility, clearer thinking, a calmer life and easier relationships. Free introductory lesson. Rates refer to groups or individuals. (£10/15 Per hour + 10/15 ideals)
Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Massage VTCT qualified, insured holistic therapy in Bishopston. Also a qualified counsellor. Member of CThA and BACP. See or (£5/£15 + 5 ideals)
Astrology Astro reality checks, weather forecasts,insight into relationship dynamics, etc.
Bereavement Counselling Offering a time, and confidentiality, to explore and discuss the loss of a loved one... or that of a relationship, job, opportunity... or lessening of health, status, self-image. Qualified academically and certified, of course, with decades of experience, CRBs, etc (5 ideals)
BUQI (boo chee) THERAPY This therapy is based on chi gung /tai chi forces, and is effective in dispelling both physical and emotional causes of dis-ease. Mainly non touch but might include some hands on light massage, postural assessment and recommend some simple exercises.
Counselling Therapeutic Counselling (Integrative approach). Also skype counselling if you're housebound or unable to travel. (5 ideals)
Flower Remedies I am a qualified Bach Flower practitioner. The Flower Remedies help ease emotional issues such as depression/anger/confidence/indecision. The £5 is for the remedy. (£5 plus 5 ideals ideals)
Holistic Crystal Therapy The amount of ideals covers the session time plus preparation. The cash will contribute to the cost of insurance and membership of a professional organisation plus cost of heating (£10 plus 10 ideals)
Holistic massage (hourly rate 10 ideals)
Holistic Therapies: Emotional Freedom Technique, Healing etc Compassionate approach to facilitating your return to optimal wellness using any or all of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Healing, Nutrition, Intuitive Guidance. Working on physical and/or emotional issues, including letting go of habits or addictions (e.g. smoking, overeating), phobias, anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma release, weight issues etc. Sessions are booked at 1 1/2 hours + 30 mins preparation time = Total 10 ideals. Cash component is to contribute towards my professional costs. I am happy to discuss terms individually. Call me for a free initial chat to determine how we might work together. (£10 + 5 per hour ideals)
HolisticTherapies: EFT, Healing, Nurition, Psych-K Compassionate approach to facilitating your return to optimal wellness using any or all of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Healing, Nutrition, Intuitive Guidance. Working on physical and/or emotional issues, including letting go of habits or addictions (e.g. smoking, overeating), phobias, anxiety, Depression, OCD, trauma release, weight issues etc. Sessions are booked at 1 1/2 hours + 30 mins preparation time = Total 10 ideals. Cash component is to contribute towards my professional costs. I am happy to discuss terms individually. Call me for a free initial chat to determine how we might work together. (£10 + 5 per hour ideals)
Indian Head Massage The amount of ideals covers the session time plus preparation. The cash will contribute to the cost of insurance and membership of a professional organisation plus heating (£5 plus 10 ideals)
Life Coaching Helping you think things through and become un-stuck. I will coach you for good health, effective working, and a great life using any useful combination of NLP. Hypnotherapy, life coaching and counselling. (5 ideals ideals)
Lightning Process courses 3-day course that teaches you how to change your life as you want it. The Lightning Process course is remarkably successful in creating change in various chronic illnesses and conditions. You can use Ideals in part-payment for this course. Ring me for details
NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching 1:1 sessions to support you in creating rapid, lasting and positive changes. Issues could include weight loss, becoming a non-smoker, overcoming phobias or allergies, increasing confidence, self esteem, relaxation, motivation. See (Incl 1 hr prep, per hour 5 ideals)
Problem solving Looking a a problem or interpersonal difficulty using various psychological/therapy models. (5 ideals ideals)
Psychotherapy/counselling Will do half LETS, half cash, at £25 per hour
Shiatsu Shiatsu is a form of bodywork which usually takes place fully clothed lying on a futon on the floor. A variety of techniques may be used including gentle holding, stretches, rotation of joints and use of acupressure points. The amount of ideals covers the session time plus preparation. The cash will contribute to the cost of insurance and membership of a professional organisation plus heating costs. (£10 plus 10 ideals)
Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage ITEC qaulified with ten years of experience. No clinic and can only work from home, so ladies only. Sorry! (20 ideals an hour ideals)


COOKING COOKING: Can offer to cook a meal (5 per hour ideals + expenses incurred)
Delicious home-made cakes You can specify organic, vegan, gluten free... a particularly good chocolate mousse cake and vegan peanut butter cookies. (£ for ingredients plus 10 ideals)
Dinner party cooking Experienced home cook, specialising in fish/vegetarian/allergies/basic cakes, can do most things, please ask. Expenses negotiable. (£5 5 ideals)
Food Shopping Can help with the weekly/monthly food trips. Just provide list or come with and I will drive there and back and help unload goods. (petrol costs plus 5 ideals)
Grow your Own I have a variety of seeds and occasionally cuttings, and put some together for you for a few ideals (negotiable - in ideals)
Home cooking for parties etc Lover of food and keen home cook. Especially good on creative salads, dips, vegetarian food, and desserts. Gluten-free and special diets are my speciality, but I can work with you about what you'd like. (hourly rate 5 + ingredients ideals)
Home made cakes Cakes for any occasion. Gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan options available. (hourly rate 5 + ingredients ideals)
Jam making kit Jam pan, thermometer, funnel etc. (daily, 5 ideals)
Jam pan + thermometer Stainless steel jam/marmelade pan with a thermometer that hangs over the side. (per day 5 ideals)
Produce Home Grown Fruit/Veg/Herbs in season, in exchange for a few ideals. (negotiable - in ideals)
winemaking Can ferment your choice of wine. Please provide ingredients and bottles (5 ideals)

Gardening & Yard Work

allotment help Happy to do digging, pruning, weeding or helping to build greenhouses, mend sheds, put up fruit cages. Also happy to do an exchange of time and labour between allotments, as it is often just nicer to work with someone. (5 ideals)
Compost making I will create a compost heap with your input in what you can manage in care and likely contributions in mind. (8 ideals)
Fire pit loan of fire pit for evenings in the garden. Heavy cast iron, fully enclosed, all u need are logs. (5 ideals)
garden stuff July to October only due to lack of time...general gardening work, I don't mind the boring bits, also can suggest flowering plants and maybe provide, either from seed or by division from my own or friends' gardens (5 ideals)
Gardening I’m an enthusiastic gardener with a tamed allotment, so I’m happy to help with general gardening work. Occasionally I have spare seed / cuttings / plants to offer. (hourly, 5 ideals)
Gardening Basic gardening, weeding, digging, cutting hedges and grass, general tidying and sweeping up the leaves. (5ideals ideals)
Gardening work I'm a willing outdoor worker to plant/ tidy/ weed/mow/clear etc (5 ideals)
Grow your own Advice, design and practical work on how to grow your own food in a garden, or even a paved yard. Maximising your space and productivity. (5 ideals)
Loan of garden strimmer Grass strimmer loan (3 Ideals/day ideals)
Organic gardening I am offering organic gardening for productive kitchen gardens. Years of experience in organic horticulture locally and in other parts of U.K. (8 ideals)
Petrol Strimmer Petrol Strimmer for hire (fuel/you supply + daily, 5 ideals)


Natural body-care products Hand-made creams, ointments, soap, shampoo, toothpaste using quality natural ingredients (£ for ingredients+ ideals)
wedding rings Getting married? I can supply standard wedding rings at cost price plus 20 squids for polishing. I can also help with some jewellery repairs & special pieces (not pearl stringing though) (cost + 20 ideals)

Health & Personal

Alexander Technique lessons see 'Counselling and Therapy' listing
Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Indian Head Mass VTCT diploma qualified, insured holistic therapy in Bishopston. Also qualified counsellor. See or (£5/£15 + 5 ideals)
Barber I am a qualified barber and work at my home in Easton or i could go to people's houses if there are several of you who want your hair cutting/clipping. I can do men's or women's short cuts/styles or long trims. (5 ideals)
Bathtime feelgood treats - Aromatherapy Would anyone like to make ridiculously affordable bath bombs, bath oil, massage oils, creams etc.? Can have a fun session in my kitchen, space for a few of us on my big table. Essential fragrant plant oils can be tailored for your requirements e.g. relaxing, enlivening etc.. I'm a qualified aromatherapist. Annette (5 + materials ideals)
BUQI THERAPY BUQI (boochee)is a way of treatment designed by a taiji grand master who is also a medical doctor. It is mostly non-touch, but might use touch, sound or simple exercises. Treating the energy field can bring relief from most physical and emotional conditions.
Gel Nail Polish Gel nail polish cured by LED lamp. Lasts for weeks not days. Selection of colours available. £5 for materials 5 ideals. (£5 ideals)
gluten-free advice offered Advice with encouragement is offered to anyone who has decided to try a gluten-free diet for health reasons, in exchange for 5 ideals per hour.
Holistic massage (see Therapy listing) (hourly rate 10 ideals)
Hypnotherapy, Healing, EFT, Nutrition, Psych-K Compassionate approach to facilitating your return to optimal wellness using any or all of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Healing, Nutrition, Intuitive Guidance. Working on physical and/or emotional issues, including letting go of habits or addictions (e.g. smoking, overeating), phobias, anxiety, Depression, OCD, trauma release, weight issues etc. Sessions are booked at 1 1/2 hours + 30 mins preparation time = Total 10 ideals. Cash component is to contribute towards my professional costs. I am happy to discuss terms individually. Call me for a free initial chat to determine how we might work together. (£10 +5 per hour ideals)
Jin Shin Energy Release A method of energetic bodywork where acupoints are gently held in pairs to restore balance and wellbeing on all levels. I can teach you to treat yourself, with guidance for your body's specific needs. (5 per hour ideals)
Krysia Patrzalek Indian Head Massage Companionship with an activity up to two hours in daytime help with form filling letter wrting setting smart goals anger management building self esteem
Lightning Process courses Learn tools that have been remarkably effective in helping people to resolve a number of chronic health conditions and issues. See . I offer LETS reductions on Lightning Process® courses. Please get in touch to find out more.
PSYCH-K sessions PSYCH-K is a fast-track way to effect lasting change in your life, working directly with your sub-conscious mind to change your underlying beliefs about yourself. (5 / hour. Sessions last 2 hrs ideals)
Reading aloud Offered by Stuart (my husband). (5 ideals ideals)
Reflexology I am just starting out in reflexology and so not an expert. But I believe that I can offer something that will be enjoyable, relaxing and of benefit to your health. (hourly rate 5 ideals)
Reflexology Reflexology is a relaxing and rejuvenating complimentary therapy that works on balancing your energy to help the body restore itself. It's great for helping with stress and depression, insomnia and digestive problems as well as a range of other complaints. (5 ideals)
Shiatsu massage Please get in touch if you would like to try Shiatsu, which is Japanese bodywork taking place fully clothed on a futon on the floor or on a massage chair. Amongst other benefits it is very relaxing and can help with releasing stress. The amount of ideals covers the session time plus preparation. The cash will contribute to the cost of insurance and membership of a professional organisation plus heating costs. (£10 per session plus 10 ideals)
Tai Chi taster/classes Offered by Stuart (my husband). (5 ideals ideals)
TAIJIWUXIGONG A therapeutic exercise system designed to open and clear one's energy channels, based on TAI CHI, but without the demanding leg work and long sequences, and from a health rather than a martial perspective. Weekly class and/or individual sessions
Tarot readings A Tarot reading can be like looking in a mirror: it gives you an accurate picture of what is going on at every level, in every component of your life and guidance to steer the best course forward for you. No two sessions are the same. Tarot honours your unique individuality. Sessions usually last 2 hours. (per hour 5 ideals)


Carpet cleaner VAX carpet cleaner available to hire. Rates negotiable.
Carpet Cleaning Commercial grade carpet cleaning using hot water extraction. Professional quality cleaning fluids including pre-treatment and spot cleaning. I have professional cleaning experience and can treat most types of fitted carpet including stair carpet (not rugs I'm afraid) It takes between 30 minutes and an hour per room on average. The £ charge is to cover the cost of all the cleaning fluids and the machine. (£10 per hour, plus 5 ideals)
curtain making professional curtain maker, measure and fitting service. also advice on fabric and window dressing. ( £ 6 - 6 ideals)
Experienced Packer for moving I pack your belongings and label the container. I have many years experience moving myself, friends and family. Rate is set per hour. (7 ideals)
Form filling Offered by Stuart (my husband). (5 ideals ideals)
General (per hr £10 plus 10 ideals)
Helping to get stuff into the loft Have you items you would like putting in your loft or getting down from the loft? (7 ideals)
House sitting I have looked after homes while homeowners were away and visited to feed pets, water plants, receive deliveries, collect mail and check on utilities. Please ask if you would like to discuss options and feel if this is right for you and yours. (5-18 ideals)
House sitting Looking after your house, plants, small pets while you are away (tba ideals)
Jam pan and thermometer Stainless steel jam/marmelade pan with a thermometer that hangs on the side. (per day 5 ideals)
Learn to make jam
Learn to make wine
Oven and Hob cleaning I can help to restore your Oven and/or Hob to its former glory using commercial grade cleaning products. Suitable for Gas or Electric cookers. I have professional cleaning experience. £ charge is to cover the cost of materials (£5 per hour plus 5 ideals)
Portable clothes rail The sort that's useful for a clothes stall or a clothes swap evening. (per day 5 ideals)
Remaking clothes class Bring a number of items and I can help upcycle the item. (5 ideals ideals)
Security Fitting window locks & smoke alarms (£ parts + 5/hr ideals)
Sewing machine Fairly simple old fashioned electric sewing machine. (per day 5 ideals)
steam cleaner I have an X5 steam mop and cleaner should anyone wish to do a spring clean of their floor/cooker/tiles etc..
Teaching basic sewing Learn to sew 1-1, I am happy to assist with any project. (5 ideals ideals)
Unwanted goods Unwanted arm chair double radiator (removed because room needed a larger one) Price tbc
Waiting in for tradespeople.
Waiting in for tradespeople/deliveries I can wait in for tradespeople for you or wait in for you if you are having something delivered (I will check it is in good condition) I am a well known and trusted member of LETS having been a Core Group member for many years. (5 ideals ph ideals)
Window cleaning Window cleaning all year round. (5 ideals)

Manual Skills

Appliance repairs Repairs to various electrical household appliances and gadgets. Please note that many modern items are designed to be unrepairable, or the parts cost more than a new item. However, it is worth having a look before condemning it to landfill. (5/hr ideals)
Repairs Home appliance repairs, will have a go at fixing most things. (Hourly 5 ideals)
Upholstery work For repairing or just updating your current pieces of furniture - armchairs, sofas etc. Will discuss requirements, do colour matching and work-in panels, make good wears and tears so looks like new again. Materials sourced locally and at cost price. (£10p/h + 5 ideals)


After party Clear up When you have a party. You can be forgiven for wanting someone else to clean up your home. I can do that for you. (8 ideals)
Book Finder Book finder service by no find no exchange. You tell me the details of the book and if you are seeking it for a particular date. Quantity of books and condition of books you can accept required. After a time I will be in contact as to my results. The contract may have to adjusted if the book/s are proving challenging to source. (5 ideals)
Buying a used car Advice on buying a used car and checking a car you want to buy (£ fuel + 5/hr ideals)
Can wait in for delivery I am available to wait in for workmen or deliveries I do however need transportation to and from your home or happy to have deliveries to my home
Car boot buddy Assistance with arranging to go and once there perusing the offered goods (for those who ask for it gently reminding to keep to your intended purchase interests). (6 ideals)
Cinema accompaniment I am used to going to the cinema with people of all ages. I have been to all the Bristol cinemas but Cribs Causeway so far. (7 ideals)
clutter-busting If it's too much to face, I can help sort, tidy and bring order out of chaos. (5 per hour ideals)
Cutting service from print media Many people would like items of their interest selected for them in print. I have 18yrs experience cutting articles e.t.c. out of Newspapers and other print media. (8 ideals)
Extra pair of hands Sometimes to get on with a task all we need is that extra pair of hands. So hear they are! (£5 ideals)
Freecycling If you let me know what you are looking for I can monitor the lists. I'll request and fetch from Freecycle groups in Bristol, Bath and South Gloucester. Time in iDeals, petrol in sterling. Results (as always on Freecycle) at the mercy of those offering things, requests may be refused particularly for Ferrari's! I'll keep trying for you until I get one of what you're after. Must be transportable in a people carrier. (5 ideals)
German speaking. (hourly rate 5 ideals)
Magazine/book loan I have a stack of Resurgence mags and many books which I am happy to lend (by arrangement ideals)
Megaphone Portable Megaphone for hire. 5 ideals per day (5 ideals)
Reading aloud Reading books of other material to a listener. Or for recording by arrangement. I can bring books to be read if requested. (5 ideals)
Spanish speaker I have a degree in Spanish, and have spent time living in Mexico and Colombia. I can do translations from Spanish to English. (hourly rate 5 ideals)
Waiting in 4tradesmen/deliveries I am happy to wait in your house for your deliveries and/or tradespeople. I will check delivered items are in good condition. I am well known in the team, helping the Core Group and dealing with new members. Have been in Scheme many years. Retired. (5 ideals ph ideals)
Writing and editing reports, proof reading etc. I offer proof-reading, help with writing reports, editing etc. (5 ideals per hour ideals)

Music & Entertainment

beginner Go classes Offered by Stuart (my husband). (5 ideals ideals)
entertainment pirate visits, cabaret, story telling, art and music oddities
Extra (acting) Walk on extra or background. Some local t.v. work so far. Speaking pieces considered. (10 ideals)
Film/Movie/Dvd finder and delivery The film you'd like to view could be beyond your reach.I search on your behalf. Then deliver at a time of mutual convenience to your door/work etc. Payment in £'s for monetary value and Lets currency for finding and delivery. Price based of the extent of search necessary. A report on the progress and option to withdraw if unforeseen lengths that must be gone to. (5+ ideals)
Mah Jong Experienced teacher of Mah Jong. A delightfully pretty and tactile Chinese game of tiles. Can provide sets for up to 8 players. (If fed, hourly rate 2 ideals)
Party planning/catering Party planning and catering for dinners (maximum 10 people)
piano lessons
Reading aloud I am happy to read anything to anyone, it's a real pleasure! (5 per hour ideals)
violin tuition Tuition in violin or music theory. PERFORMANCE: General Musical, Performance Services- Performance on violin, ceilidhs etc" (5 ideals)

Office & Business

A4/A3 Printing A4/A3 Printing – on ‘professional series’ printer. Contact me to discuss your needs and if I can help you I’ll give you an excellent deal – in ideals! (negotiable - in ideals)
Admin/Marketing/PR Administrative support and advice for community organisations (hourly, 5 ideals)
Copy editing Offered by Stuart (my husband). (5 ideals ideals)
Copy writing/ editing Copy writing and editing offered. I used to work in marketing and communications and wrote for my job. (5 ideals)
Copywriting Copywriter with two years agency experience and five years of freelance journalism under my wordy belt (20 ideals an hour ideals)
Indexing I can create an intelligent, professional index for any kind of work (5 per hour ideals)
Letters of complaint Want to complain but not sure how? I will write your letter of complaint for you. Also I know how to fill in forms for small claims court cases (Hourly rate 5 ideals)
Mac Computer + Internet + A4/A3 printer Use of large screen Mac Computer with internet access and A4/A3 printer. Only available for use at my house by prior arrangement. (negotiable - in ideals)
Mystery Shopper I have a keen eye for detail and am used to inquiring about products and services in many niche and mainstream aspects of business. (8 ideals)
Proof reading Ideal for essays
Proof reading Proofreading by English graduate for study, creative work, web material, reports etc.. (£5 +5 ideals)
Publicity delivery I am an experienced flyer deliverer. I am used to this activity. Price based on duration of delivery and length of task with area to be covered included (6 ideals)
Typing/Admin work I can help with typing and laying out documents, proof reading etc.. (hourly, 5 ideals)


Cat and plant care Holiday cover for feeding your cat and watering your plants. Bedminster area. Timed to include travel to and fro. (5 ideals)
Cat feeding, I can feed your cat when you are away local to BS2, BS5, BS6, BS7. I will charge for petrol if too far to cycle. (2 Ideals per visit ideals)
Cat sitting (5 ideals)
Dog sitting Being there for your dog. Feeding, befriending more can be discussed. Can be combined with exercise. (6 ideals)
Dog Walking I love dogs!I am available to walk dogs between midday to 7pm. Any areas for awareness as to the dogs preferences or response to life are necessary to know in advance of the agreement being accepted Lead and any treats must be provided. For multiple walks the price would be negotiable. (6 ideals)
Dog Walking Have walked friends dogs in the past; am willing to do emergency cover if you need someone now and again. Prefer local-ish dogs to St Werburghs, as I've chosen to live without a car! (5 ideals)
Dog walking (Easton) I am happy to walk dogs if you live in Easton. (5 ideals)
Dog walking / Pet care You can contact me if you need advice or practical help with your pet. Let me know what you need and I will help if I can. (hourly rate 5 ideals)
Dog walking/sitting, cat feeding Bishopston based, cat feeding, dog walking/sitting. I have a young Spaniel who would love to meet another dog. I have a cat who likes to look down on dogs with distain. (5 ideals)
Petcare Feeding, walking, holiday care etc (Any costs + hourly rate 5 ideals)

Sports & Recreation

Core Fitness & Flexibility Coaching Whatever your age, I can offer tuition to help you develop core muscle strength which helps prevent injuries (eg lower back pain) simply and safely; at the same time improving your flexibility for your general well-being, I can kick start start you off with a simple programme to get you on your way to better health, that you can do privately at home. You will need space to put a basic floor exercise mat down allowing for some space around. (petrol + hourly, 5 ideals)
Cycle lessons See 'Transportation' listing
Cycling Accompany anyone on cycle trips for Ideals celia 0330
Sailing crew YRA Competant crew qualified. Sailed on south coast and in the Med. (8 ideals)


Art teaching I've worked as a profession model maker and artist with experience teaching adult evening classes and at art colleges. Can offer one to one classes or small group lessons in a range of media and subjects. (5 or your highest rate ideals)
Dyslexia advice I can offer advice re: dyslexia tuition and assessment. Some support could be offered depending on availability.
EFL coaching Help with reading, writing and speaking English as a foreign/alternative language (5 per hour ideals)
EFL Tutoring Special Interests: preparing for/rehearsing interviews, and working on intonation patterns
Exam tuition English Literature/Language GCSE or A level, Sociology or Psychology GCSE or AS level by qualified secondary school teacher. Bishopston based. (£5 + 5 ideals)
Family history Help with tracing your family tree. (hourly rate 5 ideals)
French Help with revision up to and including A-level.
maths and chemistry tuition A level and GCSE. I have PGCE and PhD. Student travels to me or we use skype (5 ideals)
Maths/Physics tuition Hi, I have done maths, further maths and physics A-level, then went on to study Electronics engineering as a masters degree - it turns out my degree was mostly maths too!! I really enjoy talking about the interesting parts of maths and science, and think i'd enjoy trying to teach it as a tutor. I hope I could make it interesting! If you need help trying to understand anything to do with maths or physics i'd be happy to try to help to explain it and help you pass your exam, or just understand for fun. I'm pretty confident I could help with anything up to A-level and perhaps more. If you're interested please let me know which subject area you are struggling with and hopefully we can sort something out. Alex. (5 ideals)
Piano Lessons All ages. Beginners welcome. Learn towards exams or just for fun! (5 ideals)
Psychology tuition
Spanish teacher I have a degree in Spanish, and can teach Spanish for holidays, extra tuition for exams, or any other reason! (10 ideals)
TEFL - teaching english as a foreign language Offered by Stuart (my husband). (5 ideals ideals)
Tinto & Tapas Spanish / English language exchange. Enjoy a glass of tinto (Spanish red wine) and some authentic Spanish home made nibbles, as you meet people keen to practice their English/Spanish language skills. Starts 15th September 6.30 - 8pm. This is a drop in but do E-mail us to let us know if you are coming


"Taxi driving" / Courier Can take to or from airport or hospitals etc using VW Polo Hatchback (Fuel cost + hourly 5 ideals)
7 seater minibus Offering hire of myself as the driver along with my minibus. This is a Citroen Relay originally registered as a 17 seater minibus, but is now re-registered as a 7-seater so it has a large van sized space in the back! I'm charging an hourly rate of 5 ideals for the vehicle hire itself + an hourly rate of 5 ideals for my time + what ever the fuel costs are. If you are stuck to move oversized objects from DIY stores, or generally need to move a bunch of stuff this might be a solution. [Please note because of council policies I am not able do runs to get rid of any waste at the local recycling centre using this vehicle]. (fuel + hourly: driver+van 10 ideals)
Battery charger Battery charger for loan. 6v and 12v. More charged for delivery and pickup. (Daily 2 ideals)
Bicycle repair Self taught bicycle mechanic, have basic tools, experienced with new and old bikes. (5 ideals)
Bicycle Repairs Bicycle servicing, repairs & adjustments. (£ parts + 5/hr ideals)
Car Lifts I can offer lifts for people around Bristol or the Airport or things - I have a medium hatchback car and with the seats down it can take small pieces of furniture etc. I charge 5 ideals/hour plus £'s for petrol used. (5 Ideals/hour ideals)
Cycle training for all levels Have you always wanted to learn to ride a bike? Or are you fearful of riding on the roads? Or would you like to get across town faster and more comfortably? I can teach you at any level. Bikeability accredited. Can loan a small wheeled bike for complete beginner sessions for 5 Ideals more. (per hour 5 ideals)
Grocery Trips Can help with the weekly/monthly grocery trips. Just provide list or come with and I will drive there and back and help unload. (fuel costs plus 5 ideals)
lift to London, petrol cost sharing I drive to London from time to time and would be happy to share my car or perhaps carry items for you (5 per hour ideals)
Lifts in a car Local lifts for ideals plus petrol costs (5 ideals)
Loan of cycle trailer (and bike) Cycle trailer (big red box with lid on black metal base) and a fitting to put it on your seat stem, or you can borrow a bike with the fitting on it already. Can borrow bike on it's own too. If borrow both double the rate! (Per day 5 ideals)
local lift offered help offered to move small / medium size items which can fit inside my small campervan, in exchange for 5 ideals per hour plus cost of diesel, around east Bristol area.
need to collect something bulky? I can provide transport to visit a place and help you collect your items which will fit in to my small campervan, for contribution £ to fuel cost and 5 ideals/hour. eg visit local garden centre.
Taxi-driving”/Courier Offering myself as driver along with my Citroen Berlingo 5 seater multi-space hatchback that converts into a 2-seater mini van (3 or 4 seats also possible re split seat option), useful for people needing to transport objects that nearly but don’t quite fit the average car. (fuel costs + hourly, 5 ideals)
taxi/lift service I can drive you and up to 3 others to where you need to get to and pick you up. Reliable, comfortable car. Renault Clio 1.1l engine. (hourly rate 5 + petrol ideals)