Wanted Listings

- Events / Socials

Admin Meeting on Sunday! ALL ARE INVITED to the next Admin (Core Group) meeting. This SUNDAY 8th January at Sue Yilmaz's house in Southville. Contact Sue for address details and to warn her you are planning to come, or Steve Heigham for Agenda details.

Admin or Work for Bristol LETS

Support for New Members We would love for members to look out for each other, not necessarily in formal trading, but just welcoming new members and making sure they know how to use the system and contact other members.. If you click on Find Members, then on the map-links to find who is near you, new members will show at the foot of the list.

Arts & Crafts

Picture framing I've been given a print. Could anyone create a simple frame for it please?
Roman blind, home-made I need a Roman blind made with some lovely teal and brown fabric I have, lined to make it warm and blackout. Can you help?
Sewing Could anyone sew a hem (length extension) on some curtains for me? I have a machine. Expenses etc. paid, plus maybe an exchange for one of my services?
Sewing Reversing shirt collars

Buildings & DIY

Bike shed Can anyone help me build a wooden bike shed in my garden?
CHAIR RESTORATION I have 3 old kitchen chairs that need thorough sanding and varnishing. I know how to do it but can't because of arthritis.
DIY Help Needed I’m looking for a diy person to put up curtain rail and sort a blind with a broken string in Montpelier ASAP. Anyone interested ?
dry stone walling my garden is surrounded by tumbling low walls which would benefit from someone who has time to rebuild them
electrical help I have a few electrical needs around the house. A lamp that want to be put up, a light that wants to be taken down and a socket that needs dividing up.
Electrical Wiring I have a garage with an electric supply to it – but but I need some lighting and wall sockets to be installed in November if possible. If you have these skills and are able to help please get in touch via email or text initially. Many Thanks. BS15
Handywork/Decorating/Plumbing/Electricals I have various maintenance jobs of various length at my new home. I would love help! I am on a budget but can pay some cash as well as expenses/food. Please call 07946907897, thanks, Annette
Help wanted to connect a water butt The water butt needs connecting to the down pipe from single storey roof. I'd be grateful for someone experienced to help me fix it, price £/ideals to reflect their time, travel, expertise.
help with laying engineered wood flooring I want to fix engineered wood flooring in my hall and I need help with this job
Help with putting blind up I've put a pair of bamboo blinds up with no nails - but one side keeps falling down. I've decided it needs drilling to the wall with screws - I've given up with the no nails! Looking for someone with a drill and a little time to help me as I have no drill. Many thanks
Secondary double glazing advice I still haven't had the heart to rip out the sash windows in my living room bay; however it's freezing! Anyone any experience of secondary glazing, even the DIY stuff from the hardware shop might make a difference.


Computing help needed I have various computer issues I'm stuck with e.g. dealing with spam, photo storage, cleaning and speeding up the system all the way up to web design and SEO. Can negotiate costs. I'd love some help! Bishopston based.
Help with copying some important dvd's I'm trying to work out how to copy a set of 3 dvd's (of an event containing a performance that I did - so I'm allowed to copy them for my own purposes). I've had a search on line for dvd copying software etc and so far can't fathom out how to do it! Is there anyone with the know-how who could spare some time either by phone or perhaps pop in to help me if local? I live in Westbury on Trym. Thanks so much!
Photoshop help I would like some help to learn how to use photoshop. I find it easier if people show me as i go through the book rather than go through the book on my own.
Wanted: Old school tech advice PPC Mac.(1985) Hello, is there anyone with experience of the older PPC Macs of the 1980's? I am seeking help with recovering data from a corrupted hard drive. iMac G5, OS 10.4 Any advice would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Andrew
Website making I have a half made wordpress website which I need help to finish as i am lacking the motivation.

Counselling & Therapy

Befriender Female befriender with understanding of Asperger's Syndrome (please provide references if possible)

Gardening & Yard Work

Gardening Help needed with tree and shrub clearance; digging and creation of terraces in hillside garden.
general gardening help I have a bit too much to do alone and would appreciate any help
moving shrubs I have a few shrubs which I would like moved to better positions
Ms Krysia Patrzalek clear garden with me please dec 14 - jan 15 cleaning hppovering tidying decluttering shopping for stuff not food. sports massage companion ship for activity counselling goal setting coaching
Someone good at basic carpentry I need someone good at basic carpentry to help me to finish building the chicken run on my allotment which is partly constructed. It needs a roof to go over the old aluminium greenhouse frame and this to be extended a little bit to go over the chicken coup to enclose all. The foundations are already done. Can someone good at wood-work please help me out?
Someone with ladder Need someone with ladder and hammer to re-affix climbing rose to wall of house. Blown down by a storm.
tree care I have a lovely big walnut tree which is not very well and needs attention from someone who understands it

Household Services

A lamp requires wiring Beautiful Mineral lamp been sitting just looking pretty. An (old?) cable runs up through the middle for 2x kr12v5w bulbs. Bulb filaments are ok. I would like it rewired please. 29.06.16. Will pay for materials obviously and ideals or possible skills swop. I can sew.
Decluttering assistance Assisting me to declutter and rationalize items in my home
Sewing machine Does anyone know how to thread a Frister Rossman Cub 4 sewing machine? I took the bobbin case out by mistake and now can't get it back in to get the bobbin thread back up. Alternatively can I borrow a machine to do 4 lines of stitching to attach some curtain tape? The simple job has turned into a bit of a marathon. Many thanks. (No, there aren't free manuals online)
Sewing pelmet Could someone sew a pelmet to match my curtains, I have the fabric.

Music & Entertainment

Singing lessons

Repairing, Fixing, Mending

Car mechanics
Shoe resoling Resoling the more worn down side of shoes and boots.

Sports & Recreation

tennis partner I am a female who is at knockabout level and would prefer the same of applicant, i live in eastville area where there are free courts, have two racquets and will travel only to othe free courts.


Car Mechanic Does anyone have details of a reliable mobile mechanic or a small garage which charges reasonable rates? (I just can't do the £40 per hour plus VAT thing). I live in BS7. Thanks, Annette
Lify Wanted 22/07/16 Lift required to The George Leigh Woods, 7.30pm- happy to pay petrol or exchange ideals.
Transport to collect Freecycle item from Knowle I'm looking for someone with transport to collect two aluminium garden chairs from Knowle as I have no transport. For 5 iDeals and petrol costs covered.