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What are LETS? Developed in the 1980s and now well-established world-wide, a Local Exchange Trading System is a formalisation of the long tradition of self-help that people use in times of economic difficulty. By establishing a non-Sterling local currency, many see LETS schemes as providing access to mutual support in the local community and as a means of doing enjoyable work to be proud of. We can also consider LETS to be in line with the modern Transition Movement.

In Bristol LETS we call our local 'pretend' currency Ideals. Members add what they want to offer to other members (eg services, skills and advice, goods and loans of goods, general labour etc) and how much they plan to charge, to the group's What's on Offer list. Likewise, if they need something they could add things to What's Wanted.

If (as a member) you want a job done, you contact someone offering what you want by searching in the Offers screen and negotiate a 'price' in Ideals. Or if you need Ideals the Wants screen - and make someone's day - NB you may browse the Offers and Wants now, but until you are a full member contact details are hidden.)

So, to summarise: • We Trade • We socialise and share news • We are open and democratic • We are currently local to all Bristol, but are currently working to enable localisation down to a neighbourhood level as well.

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