About LETS

Hi there. Why not take a look at the BRISTOL LETS version of skill share, co-operative help, barter (without direct swaps), moneyless trading, and LETS = Local Exchange Trading Scheme.)

How do we do this? By registering what we want to offer to each other online, then trading time and talents paying with an alternative currency we call "Ideals". No stigma about being 'overdrawn'; no interest is charged; the system wouldn't work without half the members being in the negative. The value in the system is in 'trading', not 'being in profit'.

Before the lockdown, we used to meet informally somewhere in Bristol to introduce ourselves to interested people and as a social/support for current members - now we are using zooms. The next get-together will be shown on our News & Events page.

It might be useful to bring your laptop or you can share others. But it's not mainly about computers. We want to meet and chat with you! If you think you might want to join, bring good evidence of your home address and you could sign up straight away. But you don't have to meet us in person to join. You can join directly on our website. Follow the links. . . . . .

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